Bioidentical is Human Identical.

We restore balance using the same hormones that your body makes naturally.

Feel Younger
  - Look Better!

Individualized hormone therapy can help hot flashes, sleep, depression, irritability, memory, energy, libido, hair loss, and headaches.

Weight Loss

Information, medication, and support to help you achieve a healthy weight.

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Bioidentical Hormones

If you are experiencing mood changes, anxiety, irritability, or crying spells; waking in the middle of the night; feel as though you are losing your mind or lacking motivation; are experiencing unexplained weight gain, acne or hair loss; or if you want to be the person you used to be, then bioidentical hormones are for you.

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Weight Loss

Dr. Kenton Bruice and Margo Tom, NP are excited to offer “tried and true” weight loss programs for our patients. Our programs include medications that will decrease your appetite and cravings and mobilize unwanted body fat, information and support to help you achieve a healthy weight. Contact our office to schedule your appointment today!

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Health & Hormones

Dr. Bruice sees patients in Denver and Aspen. At the initial appointment, we will review your medical history, symptoms, and questions. Dr. Bruice will test to determine your baseline hormone levels. After interpreting your hormone levels, he will prescribe a combination of bioidentical hormones that is specifically formulated for you based on your hormone levels and symptoms...

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We Help Men, Too!

Similar to menopause, men can suffer from andropause in which they experience falling energy, falling libido, a loss of zest for life, and mood changes.   Many female patients often inform me that their improved libido and vigor has become greater than that of their husband's and that he suffers from some of the same...

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Forms & Payments

Want to prepare for your appointment? Pay for office visits? We make it easy! You can fill out your initial paperwork (health history and insurance info) and securely email the forms to our office. Or, print out forms that you can complete at home and bring to your appointment. Find What to Expect during your visit, our Financial Policies & Privacy Practices...

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